Rules of Engagement

These are the rules we have set forth for ourselves and for you, the reader.

  1. Once we get to Spain, we must hike separately, at least once a week, and for up to two days in a row. This can mean we each chose to hike alone, or we find other pilgrims to hike with during this period. We just cannot hike together.
  2. On days where there are an extreme amount of elevation changes, we will hike together in order to motivate one another.
  3. When hiking separately for the day, we will always agree on what town will be our stopping point, where we will meet, and we will always stick with that plan.
  4. During our entire El Camino journey, each of us has exactly one opportunity (and only one!) to veto the other, when the other person chooses to hike separately. For example, if Shannon says she wants to hike alone that day, Eric could veto, if he really doesn’t want to hike separately that day.
  5. Once we’ve agreed to hike separately, if one of us sees the other on that day, we cannot engage the other person, unless there is an emergency.
  6. We are each wearing Jawbone Up Bands. This helps us, amongst other things, calculate our daily steps, mileage, and sleeping patterns. We are each responsible for reporting our daily steps and miles/kilometers.
  7. Both of us must write daily.
  8. We’ve both agreed, that everything is on the table for us to write about and share with the world. Part of this journey for us is to be completely vulnerable, and share our experiences honestly, along every step of the way. We believe this is the best way to explore the full potential of our camino. That means sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, even if the ugly really sucks. We will be writing about our journey as it refers to our past, present, and future. We don’t know what we will end up writing about along the way, but some of it might be hard to read. That brings us to the next rule…
  9. You, dear reader, can never, EVER tell us what the other person has written. Even if it is hurtful, or you are angry on our behalf. (Yes: To Shannon’s mom and best friends, this includes you.)
  10. We’ve agreed to read what the other has written, only after we finish the entire El Camino, and when 100% of our posts are up online. We want you to read everything before we do.
  11. We cannot discuss with each other what we are writing about in any way, shape, or form. Given this fact, we also cannot discuss what photos or videos we each may be using in our blog posts. We are making this journey (mostly) together, but we will be experiencing everything from two unique perspectives. Therefore, each of our individual posts may be completely different or could have overlapping similarities. The images we each use may even be the same in some instances. We promise that any similarities are pure coincidence.
  12. There will be a delay between when things are happening/we are writing about them, and when you will be reading them. This has to do with the fact, that we will rarely have the wifi we need to be able to process everything and send our posts to our lovely web designer Mara Belzer.
  13. All posts will be up by the first week of October. At that point we will both read everything!

  14. We will not be getting on our 2 Travel Everywhere Facebook page or reading blog comments, until we are done. BUT, we would love for you to comment and share your thoughts. Our amazing project manager will be managing all our social media and responding the best she can. She will also be sending each of us some of your comments on our individual posts to keep us inspired. So, please comment away! And we will be reading every single comment, when we are done.
  15. We cannot veer off the path of The Way of St. James. If friends are visiting in a nearby town, we cannot leave the path to see them, but they could come and see us. (Hint, hint friends.) Along the same vein, we cannot pay for any transportation to and from villages (no taxis, trains, ferries, or planes). Only in certain situations, such as injury, extreme fatigue, getting completely lost, or other unforeseen events, can we hitchhike. Hitchhiking is part of the adventure. We trust that as pilgrims, El Camino will take care of us.
  16. You are welcome to suggest additional rules you think we should have in this journey. You are a part of this experience, and we appreciate you joining us. So suggest away.

Buen Camino 🙂

If you have any questions about Love On El Camino, please contact Sera at info [at] 2traveleverywhere [dot] com.

3 Responses to The Rules

  1. Michele/mom says:

    I promise to obey the rules!!!

  2. elisa cockerham says:

    great rules!! have a great time!!

  3. Hey Shannon and Eric,

    I’m so glad I came across your sites today. I’m really excited for you for this Camino trip – and I LOVE that you have made it into an adventurous, playful game! I’m off to explore your travels. Have so much fun!

    Katie. X

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