May 6th, 2014: Today was Day 5…Started Hiking, but the Dirt on How it All Went Down Will Come in 4 Days!

By Eric

In Homage to the Movie That Started it All…

As if placed there just for us- a tiny, off-the-beaten-path cinema, the Cinéma Majestic, with only one movie screen in this town of Lourdes, was playing the movie The Way. The Way, starring Martin Sheen, and the directorial debut of Emilio Estevez, was the last movie my mom and I saw together in the movie theatre. I believe it is an important film for religious and secular people alike to watch. It has an uplifting message, and it’s an excellent dramatization of the journey that is El Camino de Santiago de Compostela- The Way of Saint James. The movie happened to be playing in independent theatres back in November, 2K11, when I had driven my mom from Louisiana to Washington, DC, so that she could finally see where Shannon and I were living. We went on a whim- the impression the movie made on both of us was much deeper. Even before we left the theatre that day, my mom turned to me and asked, that I one day make this pilgrimage carrying her and my dad’s ashes with me. It was a powerful moment, and although I did my best to deflect her question, in order to not be faced with admitting she would one day, in the near future, probably pass away, I knew inside that there was something important and necessary about her question. That evening, I babbled incessantly about the movie to Shannon, and I even mused about the idea of us doing such a hike. Not seriously mind you- that would be a preposterous prospect. Can you imagine two people like us doing something like hiking over 500 miles in Europe?


We Happened Upon The Cinéma Majestic Simply By Chance, and By Chance, the Movie it Happened to Be Playing, Was the Movie That Played the Initial Role in Bringing Us On This Pilgrimage.



Lucky For Us, The Movie Was Available In Many Languages- Our French is a Bit Rusty!



The Following Night, a French Movie About Bernadette Was Also Being Featured.



A Movie Theatre With Religious Themes Inside and Out.



Selfie! We Were the Only Patrons in the Theatre. In Fact, the Theatre owner, a Short, Elderly, French Man With a Santa Claus Style Beard Was Jolted When We Walked Inside the Theatre. He Was Not Expecting Anyone to Show Up That Night, Let Alone Two Wandering Souls, in Search of Exactly What He Had to Offer.

Distance: The Distance Today is a Secret, Until My Post About our First Day’s Hike in Two Days!
Location: Somewhere in France

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