May 5th, 2014: Today was Day 4… There’s a real world outside!

By Eric

Sometimes Taking Your Own Advice…

It’s a good thing- getting out, enjoying life, and experiencing what we are here to experience. Today we prepare for our first day of finally hiking, but first, we relax, explore Lourdes, and enjoy the scenery.



4 out of 5 Doctors Say Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day- the Fifth Doctor Must Not Be French!



Saint Bernadette is Why it All Started- the Reason Lourdes is on the International Map. So it Was Appropriate to See Where It All Started in Her Own Life.



It’s Fascinating to See the Immense Influence Bernadette Has in a Town Where She Herself Was a Peasant.



We Witnessed Cars That Had Been Driven From All Parts of the World in Order to Make it to Lourdes. This Car Was so Smashed, Including the Front Windshield, and it Was So Over-Full of Religious Items Inside it, That it is Amazing it Even Survived a Cross-Continental Journey.



Exploring a Town Does Require a Certain Amount of Sustenance Replacement. Nutella Crepes Anyone?



Shannon and I Consider Ourselves Relatively Savvy World Travelers. And We Are Here to Proclaim to the World, That This “Local Sites-Petite Train Ecolo” is Indeed NOT Savvy. Please, Listen to that Inner Voice That is Laughing at You as You Step Into a Vehicle Such as This- That Voice is You, Doing Yourself a Favor.

Distance: Hurray!! Tomorrow we start our official pilgrimage!
Location: Lourdes, France

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  1. Susy says:

    Tourist traps is how the world makes money so I always go off the beaten path. Sometimes dangerous and scary and sometimes fantastic. Our life sometimes becomes like a tourist trap and we forget how to live and experience life. Enjoy love you

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