May 20th, 2014: Today was Day 19… Epic! Only Epic Can Describe Today.

By Eric

It was easily the most thrilling day of any of our hikes so far. Today we woke up in our refuge in Orisson, high in the mountains of the Pyrenees, and we intended to hike up and over these mountains and down to Roncesvalles, Spain.

Today, after almost two amazing weeks hiking thru France, we were finally arriving in Spain!

There was only one obstacle in our way- the unpredictable weather in the highest altitude areas of the Pyrenees. It was a day of multifaceted dilemmas. We had to contend with several temperature zones, cherry-sized painful hail, extremely dangerous lightning, grueling elevations to conquer, painful declines to march down, and an overall exhausting push into the unknown areas of infinite vistas with clouds hovering around our feet.

Today we say au revoir to the Basque region of France and ¡hola! to the Basque region of España.

**Because the long day was so complex, Shannon and I took more time than usual to document the many unique elements of our journey. I made a much longer than usual video. I PROMISE, it is worth the watch, to truly get a taste of what our day was like. The day was not only exhausting, but extremely wet, wreaking havoc on our electronics. We improvised as needed. At some points in the day, our video frame was stuck in a vertical position. How? Why? Who knows! But I felt some of this compromised video was essential for getting the point across. Please have patience with our journey into the bowels of nature 😉

Distance: 29,443 Steps/ 14.29 Miles/ 22.99 Kilometers
Location: Refuge Orisson, France to Roncesvalles, Spain

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  1. Eileen W. Eisner says:

    Shannon is so forgiving! Watching her refuse to separate from you is sweet and painful at the same time.

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