May 17th, 2014: Today was day 16….It was OK.

By Shannon


Today was our first full day in SJPdP. Last night we stayed in a really strange hotel where the owner was all up in our business. The room was fine, but the owner definitely gave me the creeps so I’m happy to be going to a different place for the next two nights.

The new place we are staying is actually perfect for us. Instead of your regular hotel or hostel, it’s apartments each equipped with their own kitchen. Oh, and there’s a pool.

Because it’s been super hot the last few days, Eric and I decided the first thing we have to do, is jump in the pool. Although it’s hot, the pool is freezing and jumping right in shocks my system. It’s refreshing and it makes me forget for a minute what we are about to embark on.

As we lay in the sun, drying off, the last thing I ever want to do is leave this place. I don’t want to write this post, I don’t want to prep for the rest of our hike, I don’t want to think about how hard this is going to be.

As a way to procrastinate, we decide to go to town to shop for new hiking shoes for Eric so he can actually do this and some food so we can cook our own meal tonight.

Today almost felt normal – like we were back in the U.S. just go about our day to day, running errands, cooking, relaxing.

As we sat outside on the porch, eating dinner, I found comfort in the normalcy of it all. I’m not letting myself think about how tomorrow is the last day before it gets really real. Because as long as I am pretending that this is just a regular day, I can keep my anxiety at bay. If I let my mind wander down the road, of what I am actually about to do, my anxiety paralyzes me.

Distance: Unknown
Location: Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France

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