May 12th 2014: Today was day 11…I can hardly move.

By Shannon

When we wake in the morning, my feet still ache. I am grateful for our new plan because there is no way I could walk the same distance today.

Eric and I debate over if we are cheating or not, but we decided that this part of the trip between Lourdes and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is like the warm-up. It’s a different experience than what the rest of the camino will be. In some ways this is harder because the trails are not as clear. We go days without seeing other pilgrims sometimes, and our bodies are still getting adjusted.

We both agree that it’s unwise for us to push through just for the sake of pushing and risk injury. We have all the time in the world. (Or the 90 days the Schengen agreement gives us). We have the luxury of time, and this is part of our experience. This is our journey and it doesn’t have to be like anyone elses. So we hobble off into town in search of a hotel to rest our weary feet for a few days.

I want to start being less hard on myself. I want to let go. I want to trust the process and be OK living within the unknowns. I want to trust that I can do this. I want to pick up all the shattered pieces of my soul and feel whole again.

A playground we found as we were looking for a hotel.

A playground we found as we were looking for a hotel.


I remind myself that I’ve already done more than I thought I could. I don’t need to doubt myself so much because doesn’t the hike from Arudy to Oloron-Sainte-Marie prove to me that I can do this?

Distance: 4,498 Steps (1.98 Miles )
Location: Oloron-Sainte-Marie

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2 Responses to May 12th 2014: Today was day 11…I can hardly move.

  1. Mommy says:

    I love watching you and Eric on this monumental endeavor. Reading your posts are always a joy.

  2. Susy says:

    Letting go is one of the most difficult things we do in our life.
    A moment to breathe,to meditate,to love or just say let go..buen camino prima praying for you and your tootsies

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